OPSS plays a pivotal role in facilitating the achievement of cost and schedule targets for all projects, with a particular emphasis on ensuring
that large-scale endeavors (those exceeding $50 million) adhere to the requirements outlined in DOE O 413.3B. Our office is dedicated to providing support across a diverse spectrum of domains, allowing projects to concentrate their attention on advancing scientific frontiers.

Achieving on-time and within-budget project completion necessitates meticulous planning and discipline, especially given the pioneering nature of the technologies or methodologies involved. Ensuring effective and efficient project management entails the establishment of a foundation comprising the right talent, processes and tools.



Under the guidance of our Chief Project Officer, OPSS stands as a compact yet formidable department, comprised of a cadre of specialists well-versed in various domains including Earned Value Management System (EVMS), project controls, risk management, project management, and DOE review preparation. Our dedicated project control specialists maintain close collaboration with their designated projects, guaranteeing the seamless provision of essential resources.



As stewards of the FRA Certified Earned Value Management System (EVMS), OPSS steadfastly upholds our commitment to adherence with both FRA and DOE EVMS standards. Additionally, we take the role of formulating and upholding protocols for project management, risk management, and project Environmental, Safety, Health, and Quality (ESH&Q) in close collaboration with subject matter experts from various other lab organizations.


OPSS serves as the custodians and operators of the lab’s official project cost, schedule, and risk management tools, specifically tailored for the needs of large-scale scientific and facility projects. In tandem with the Core Computing Division, we offer training and facilitate access to these critical tools, ensuring that project teams are well-equipped to navigate and utilize them effectively.